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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Big Day

Today is Friday
Today we went into China, carrying Bibles.
Though I had felt anxious during the week about what today would look like, I felt at peace, this morning and the entire time in China. I know many have prayed for us.

It started at McDonald's. We met Sebastian ( such a nice name, and a nice man. He was born in Holland, knows English and Chinese )
He put some Bibles in each of our back packs and suitcases.
Darrell and I had gotten our visa to enter China and paid $200. U.S. each. So we were praying that we could accomplish our mission.

some Bibles are printed in China and I do not understand all the details of why they are not accessible to the people who live in China, but someone else can answer that question.

From the train in Hong Kong we travel a very short distance to the border. We pass through the immigration and border control without a single question. Our luggage goes through a system just like in the states and we pick it up and off we go.

At this point, we make connections, by phone with a man who can meet us at the airport. So we hop on a mini bus and for about 30 minutes we see China through the bus window.

The weather is beautiful. The area has the same bright bougainvillea, but has much more greenery along the freeway than Hong Kong. Lush shrubs and trees and even containers of plants line the road. The city of Shenzhen is very modern. Huge buildings are everywhere. There are apartments and businesses. We passed Tiffany's and Hermes.

At the airport, we meet this gentleman, give him the Bibles and that is that.

Sebastian takes us into the airport and we pass the KFC and head right into the Chinese restaurant. I cannot tell you what I had, but it was Chinese. Sebastian cannot read Chinese, but he can speak it. So he was going by the pictures on the menu. all the items we ordered were noodles and.....
Very good. I even used chop sticks!

Before leaving the airport, we picked up some coffee at Starbucks!

Back in the mini bus, back to the train station, back to Hong Kong.
Mission Accomplished!

the day is not over, but it is time for a nap.
Darrell and Sebastian are making a second trip.

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Jeanne said...

Bringing Bibles into China!! Way cool.