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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hong Kong Women

Hong Kong Women
( they speak Chinese, but they are from Hong Kong )
Jen says, they dress they way they want.
They give themselves permission to wear what they like.
I like that.
Why do I have to be a grandma before I can wear what I like
(even if my kids don't like it?! maybe )
That also explains why they stand out in the mall in Bellevue, because they can wear boots that come to their thighs and a very short skirt and fuzzy hat.
Just riding in the train is an adventure. This morning it was prime time and it looked like a car full of cattle, but there was still room for more.
When you are a natural blond, you do stand out, but that black hair is so beautiful. Most is cut short, maybe to one side, fun sparkle clips.

I have on three layers, and some others are wearing a coat, others a blouse. But very seldom sleeveless. Even in the hot summer. ( Why did I bring 3 tanks and 1 long sleeve, I don't even have cute arms ).

They also tend to keep their legs covered. A very short skirt or short shorts, but legs in leggings. Stripes, pok-a-dot, black, patterns, you name it, they come in all varieties

I have never seen so many styles, but.... very few sandals. My toes are the only ones showing this morning.
Even in the summer, it is part of their culture to hide their feet. Feet get dirty, and are not pretty. But some of the younger generation are changing.
Jen has sandals, flip flops and painted toenails!

The colors in the train are mostly dark. I am wearing burnt orange and I can see one red jacket ( on a man ) and the rest are pretty dark.

At BSF this morning, I was the only one in our group with open shoes. Nancy was wearing very cute purple pumps. Several were in tennis shoes.
I was the only natural blond
One other lady was wearing a dress
I was the only one with sandals.
I find the Hong Kong women to be very pretty. Especially when they are sitting expressionless - they have fine features that identify them.

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Jeanne said...

I love your observations because you notice the same things I do and you have a charming way of conveying the information. More, please!!