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Thursday, April 7, 2011

BSF in Hong Kong

We arrive in good time - thanks to both Rob ( who knows the MTR) and Darrell ( who knows BSF time )
I am greeted warmly and they have a name tag ready for me. Mabel ( ACS )shows me where my small group will meet, the ladies room, and back to the sanctuary.
The opening time is called: singspiration
We sing two hymns, the second is one of my favorites
I notice that I am not the only one with a little tear on her cheek.
I get to my group, just a small corner in the hallway, and my leader, Nancy, introduces me to the group. By now, there is more than one tear on my cheek and all I can say is "I am feeling homesick".
One of the ladies in the circle comes and gives me a big hug. Her name is Wendy. A little later Wendy brings me a tissue. I am feeling better.
Being a guest I assumed that I would not be called on without raising my hand.
Second question, from the notes, what would I like to share?
and so it went.
She called on me 5 times, even once for a challenge question.
It's a good thing we had already done lesson #25.
I was excused before ASK ( they did not pray after question #13 - though Nancy asked me if I had a request.....well, we are going into China tomorrow, safety and God's will.
I wish I had heard Candy's lecture to compare - I had to leave early for our flight.
The teaching leader was a substitute from another class. I don't know her name.
She was blond - no accent- and spoke very distinctly and not too fast.
A very good lecture -
Lots to think about.
Lots to pray about.

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Jeanne said...

You are a rich woman, Kathy, to experience BSF in another culture. It is just like heaven will be.