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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hong Kong's greatest attraction!

Ocean Park!
we have arrived. It is soon after we enter the park that I realize the only way in, is by tram. If you know me, you know that I just might turn around at this point.
I am brave and there are 4 of us in the tram and we ride for a long time. Ringo takes my camera, so I now have photos overlooking Repulse Bay
( I am familiar with that because my sweet friend Bonnie Butler has lived there, so when I open my eyes, I will check Ringo,s shots )
This is a water/ocean park, so there are many aquatic adventures. Some like the aquarium in Seattle.
This park has a Panda exhibit.
Did you know that there is a breed of Panda that is red? looks like a chubby fox and sort of a raccoon face.
We are in line to take the tram back down when they announce that the line is very long, why not take the train.
If you can picture this, an underground train that takes you all the way down this mountain. O I forgot to say, this park is partly on a mountain.
the best attraction is the carousel.
All 4 of us take the ride. Rob get the seahorse, Darrell and I get a blunt nosed shark ( the name will come to me later )
Ringo is ahead of me, to take our picture, so I don't know what he is riding. I use that word lightly.
We are riding about as fast as I could walk on one foot. But the air is blowing in our faces and we are smiling.
We are ready to leave.
Next stop dinner.
But on the way, we stop at Stanley Park - that is a large shopping area that closes at 6:00. That is just about the time we get there.
Enough time to bargain for a few items.
Then back in the van
We have passed Repulse Bay - it is very lovely. Even though there are many tall buildings, close together, it has the feel of a quieter life. I am picturing you here sweet Bonnie.
Dinner time..
One more stop to pick up Ringo's wife - she has been at piano lessons.
Home by curfew: 10:00
Jen is quiet - she has had a very long and hard day.
Kathy is tired - she must be, not to even check her email.
Good night

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