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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jen and Kathy take the long road

Darrell and Rob stay for the remaining two meetings, in Chinese, Jen and I take our leave.
Our first stop was MC Donald's ( it is past noon )Jen loves their apple pie, so I have to try some. She has a hamburger and I have french fries and coffee. This is the best coffee so far. Very tolerable.
There are shops everywhere. Lots of them close together, and full of mostly one of a kind, one in each size. I found my size in some fun pants. The clerk then found several others, but that is just what they do. One was enough. Along the street ( this is Sunday ) buses coming and going like crazy. We find lots of finds. Jen does not have a good shopping companion very often, so I did my best to help her out.
Home. Nap.
Out for dinner to their favorite spot. Tonight we have several dishes that are not American Chinese believe me. The BBQ pork is a little sweeter and much bigger pieces. Jen loves minced meat with squid. Rob has soup - noodles, cabbage and something else floating on top.
By the time we get back home I try to check emails and can't get through. I try to add to my blog and it's all in Chinese. Since you would not understand my Chinese, I went to bed.
Today, it's all good.

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