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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tuesday in Toledo

Me in my shadow in Toledo..

Wanted to snap a picture around every corner. This very old and interesting city was our only time outside of Madrid.  We took a bus and spent the day adding memories.   

 Come along for the ride 

Well, getting closer

and closer 

 A view from the highest point 

Now we go down into the city 

Feels like a mass of people !
The city is supported by tourists 

 Yes, it is cold today... a good day for "the force" 

This cement block, below,  disappears into the ground when a car comes close, and puts money in a meter 
The car drives through and the block pops up again.    Very little traffic here. 

This is the cathedral that took 250 years to build.  No pictures were allowed inside

A city famous for knives and swords 

 Time for lunch 
Restaurant choices

Mc Donalds


El Petit Cafe El Greco 

Le Petit Cafe won
El Greco is their very loved and highly regarded artist 

Another McDonalds
They are all over 

Starting to get dark and our bus is approaching
A very great day  

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