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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sights of Madrid.

the neighborhood is quiet -
 well compared to the plaza -
 but the sights,  
  well the sights are endless

Me in my shadow heading to the plaza 

Transportation on the Metro....close convenient and economical

We walked to the palace and the changing of the guard.  It is a huge production. Directly across from the palace is a Cathedral   

and now
White horses, black horses, carriages...marching bands...

Now you have seen

the changing of the guard  
    ( Or a lot of horsing around )

we could not see what was going on inside the gates, but we could see the horses and marching bands and more horses and some carts and....

Not sure why these came out in black and white, but, they are interesting 

Then we found out that March 1 is a big holiday in Madrid  

 They are celebrated the death of the fish

One of the few times anyone actually came out on their balconies
It was a very noisy crowd 

                                         The Old ↑      and the  new  ↓

A few modern buildings, but no changes are allowed on old building exteriors

Sometimes window shopping

Sometimes making a purchase..

Now you see him   ↑    Now you don"t   ↓

Being a tourist can be a little obvious.  But,  especially in the fashion world. The women are more stylish and less casual.  I don't know if I saw more than one or two women in jeans. And the children, the little girls, never in jeans.   Love it !  

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