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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

kids and dogs

Here is something you might not know about 

Kids and Dogs in Madrid

First, there seem to be more dogs than children.  Even on the weekend, when families are out and about having fun, it seems like more folks have dogs.
The other factor, that is not so pleasant, is the sidewalks have no grass and very few places for dogs to leave their messages discretely.  

What you might not know about children in Spain, and women, too... they are more stylish and less casual. I do not remember seeing more than one, maybe two women wearing jeans.
And no little girls in jeans.
I like it 

No, it is not a dog, or a cat, BUT,. it is a pet, on a leash and
you can name it for me 

This play ground is in the city, right in the shopping center.  Families can leave their little ones to play and do their shopping at the same place. 

Children everywhere love bubbles 

this little cutie ↓is the  daughter of the groom's cousin ( Or was it his uncle? groom was not sure )
There is a much clearer the clouds...
Also, she is from Paris ! 

And she is the grand finale'

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