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Friday, March 10, 2017

Marvelous Marriage in Madrid

Wedding bells and more.

( for the most part, no explanation necessary )

Then he saw her standing there 

Ready for Civil Ceremony 

Parents... on both sides  

Silly siblings

Sweet Siblings 

Part of the Party Preparation

Makeup and Hair party 

The Bride is ready 

Going to the Chapel 

Note: Very few people have cars.  Madrid has over 3 million people - including the metropolitan area there are  over Six million.  That is 6,000,000.   There is a great metro system and taxis, etc.  Today, two friends arrive, ( not allowed to drive down certain streets ) We walk to the plaza and are whisked away to the wedding.    

Rose petals along the carpet 

Ceremony begins

Mother and Brothers of the Bride

Here comes the bride

Seated for much of the ceremony 

Their own vows

Beautiful Solo 

Family Prayers 

Confetti Toss

A closer look at the ceiling 

This couple played a huge role in this event and relationship, as did another couple
 ( without a photo )

Reception time ....pretty time 

Wedding Cake Number One

 Wedding cake number two 

Wedding cake number three 

Who knows what they are watching, so much dancing and entertaining. 

Some shoes are made for dancing,  some are not.

 Hard to capture this amazing Flamenco dancers steps 

Kids table.

Just to prove we were there..... that is me on the far right

 and another on the far left   :)   

And another !   on the right again  :)  

A Very Special Day 

A couple wedding "stories"

  We were invited to the rehearsal dinner. There was no rehearsal, but a time to meet family members and enjoy a great Chinese dinner.
  We were also invited to the civil ceremony. A privilege we have never had before
  The bridal party came to our apartment and so did a cosmetologist and hair dresser.  I got in on the real treatment.  
   There is a tradition to cut the grooms tie and then offer pieces, for a $$ and the donations are given to the groom. 
    The confetti was in little cones and guests on the aisle got to throw the confetti as the bride and groom came back down the aisle.  One of the bridesmaids' gown had a zipper issue. It just popped open and would not go together again.  So, sew we did.  In the end, no one else knew.  And that is our secret


Vida Apasionada said...

Great blog! Love the photos! It was so great to have you and your husband here. I know it meant the world to Lydia and Warren too!

klamb said...

You have a reputation of going to great lengths to attend weddings!! Score!


justbenme said...

klamb You KathyLou have scored ! Thank you for reading my post AND making a comment. :)

Donna Baden said...

I so enjoy your may not realize it....but I read it all the time. Just haven't made a comment due to not figuring out how. So will try again. You are an awesome writer....very gifted! Love the writings so much and the photos are amazing!! You are quite the world nice you can enjoy these trips together....hugs to you both...xoxo