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Friday, March 17, 2017

The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains
or so the song goes
tonight it is falling, ever so lightly, in the city.

But let's start back at the beginning.
Wednesday morning at about 3:00, Shuttle Express came for us and our friends Ron and Tina

Our trip began with United flight to Newark.

This little passenger flew right next to us
Very quiet
while a young child sitting in front of our friends
cried, loudly for at least 4 of the 6 hours 

    This flight was delayed which meant meeting our connecting flight in Lisbon was compromised.
       There was also a delay in landing in Lisbon, so yes we missed our connecting flight

our first cup of coffee...

In Portugal  

, when we arrived in Madrid our girl  Lydia was there
She took us to her apartment where we had lunch..


Kitchen window 

View from kitchen window

view from living room window 

There is an amazing metro system in Madrid. 
A city of 3,000,000 and counting the metropolis 6,000,000.  
 So many, many people do not have cars.   The streets around the plazas are narrow and only cars with permits can enter. No garages. No parking.

Then to our apartment

The two windows at the far left, on the second level
with little decks facing the sun
Those are our apartment

Not sure how I came home without more photos of this beautiful place

Living room

Living room facing into kitchen 

This proves there is an oven 

Kitchen and dining area.
There is a dishwasher and washer dryer
very uncommon in Madrid 
Our first morning we worked on wedding favors. Very fun
Darrell, Tina, Aunt, Mery, Ron, Lydia. 

Our neighborhood  

Our host and hostess have arranged for this 4 + bedroom, 3 bath, fully equipped kitchen, expanded living room and two very nice little "decks".

We are given the room at the very end of the apartment with its own bathroom and oh, so quiet.

At the other end is the living room with its own little deck and a small bedroom with its own little deck.

In the living space between we chat, and eat and work a couple fun puzzles ( ok, mostly after dark )

It was a very special time for us.
Our host and hostess have always been described as people who give generously, selflessly, without ever expecting anything in return.  
You will not convince me of anything less.

Our main purpose for this trip was March 4th, the wedding of Lydia and Warren.  
That is a story of its own. 

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