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Friday, March 31, 2017

All good things must come to an end

and here we are on our last day in Madrid.

packing, final sweep of our luxury apartment and a walk to the plaza for taxi ( x two ) There are five of us and luggage x ?

Our hostess had made arrangements for us to stay at a hotel near the airport. We had a very early flight. So it makes sense to have a 10 minute ride to  the airport instead of what could be an hour or an hour and a half.

.me in my shadow 

At  the B & B Hotel

Pretty much the basic bed and bath ( no shampoos, hand cream, shower caps, etc )
But, a nice big bath tub. Also, a bidet.
There is a TV. Five stations and one in English.

 We have managed for two weeks with no TV and just a few episodes  on Tina's Net Flex of Downton Abbey
There is a charge for breakfast

 ( but we leave at 5:15, so no worries )
There is a charge for the shuttle

 ( but  you gotta  do what you gotta do )

Back to our front yard, a little "grass "area with tables and 
chairs. So Tina set up a little lunch for us.  She had gathered 
some of the left overs from the apartment and the sun was 
shining and it was a fun picnic.

The location is sort of industrial.  Well, motels surrounded by freeways.
across the street is another hotel.
Down the street is a large hotel/apartment complex. Huge .  The structure from the outside is all grey concrete - almost like a prison
( don't tell anyone )

By now, it is 12:30 and our  plans are for dinner at 6;00

So, we rest, then Hubby  and I walk . Across the street to the Crowne Plaza.  Then down to the Prison, for an inside look at the lobby and cafe 

 swimming pool,  

stopping at the restaurant, have a little refreshment
 ( They have tapas, so to speak..potato chips, and three kinds of candy - interested ?, well you know who snagged a few samples. )

And check out the little hook for your hand bag !

Back to our spot in time for a rest and prep for dinner at 6:00

But, this is Spain and dinner at our hotel is not until 7:30. Across the street 7:00 and the prison 8:00.
So we sit in the lobby and chat with Ron and Tina.
Stephen has walked around, taken a bus into town, did some eating, and then came back.

So we have dinner at 7:30.
Tina: Burger
Ron and Stephen: pizza
Hubby:  Tuna, but it did not look like tuna
Me:  Spaghetti Carbonara
Desserts:  3 chocolate cake: looked like chocolate pie with chocolate topping
Lemon Mousse; very lemony.
And now it is time for a cup of coco
The lobby dispenser has coffee, coffee with touch of milk, white coffee, espresso, and hot chocolate.
The decaf button does not work.

Did I mention they have a bath tub?

A nice big bath tub....

good night...

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