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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ah, Madrid

Stepping out in Madrid...

The corner
we pass on our way to the plaza
 the metro and beyond 

The Florists that come daily
and this is the one where our bride picked out her flowers 

Outdoor Cafe's 

Bakery around the corner
(there is Tina inside buying treats )

and our favorite accessory shop 

Within a few blocks there are several Cathedrals
This is one.
Not all are as pretty and visible from the street
but this one is all of the above.  

Amazing streets and sidewalks 

Only antiques in this plaza 

And now....


And refreshment 

The Market - Mercado San Miguel.. We could have walked here every day and never gotten enough 


 And now you can see why we are attracted to the Mercado 

This one requires a story.  The couple to the left were from Italy and knew enough English to have a chat with us.  There are long tables where you set your tapas and can stand or grab a stool.  So, we had a friendly little conversation ,very little, but...enough to know the gentleman is an engineer . He is with family,a man and his wife both physicians.  Then he said, the man on the right is a ballerina.  ( does he look like a ballerina? )   He chuckled and then said, " he is an engineer too. "   So, they knew enough English to have fun.

The Plaza at night......

Vendors display their goods on mats they can easily "wrap up" and leave, quickly 

because it is not they run...
We saw motor cycle police chase them away...

and pretty soon they come back..

usual stop in the evening is for gelato
( there is a photo somewhere...Patagonia, Gelato ) 

but we also tried
( that was a story too, but, maybe another time ) 

and back home to catch up on our puzzle

Never bored in Madrid

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