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Friday, March 31, 2017


Sunrise in Madrid..

up, dress, bags in lobby

It is 6:00 in the morning 

One more cup of coffee and a  hot chocolate 

Long line to check in. But courteous staff. Checked two bags
( thanks to  Imhoff's  for an extra suitcase for "souvenirs " )
Time for coffee and a sweet roll.
Beautiful sunrise as we boarded TAP to Lisbon.

 Lisbon airport
In Lisbon we do our best to spend our last Euros
  There is over an hour delay so we have plenty of time
   to shop and also to have a  little snack

The Tap flight to Newark has a lunch and snack included.
Our seats are in the second to the last row and across the aisle are 4 empty seats
   Hubby asks if it is ok to move over  and flight attendant number one says, sure
   Pretty soon flight attendant number two comes and says, maybe he should move
   Flight attendant number three comes and explains the reason all four seats and a few more are empty is because there is a passenger who is smelling  very, very bad and they are seating  her  as isolated  as possible
Well, it's all good so far.
It is a  little bumpy on and off
  and about two hours from landing, Hubby  is feeling like he might need to use one of those little white bags.  The "fragrance" is now a little obvious to him. That might be a factor.
   My stomach is a little squeezy too.
It does not help to see and hear a young woman dash to the toilet  just one row behind our seats and she was really sick.

Newark Airport

Well, we made  it. Though there is a 3 hour wait for our next and final flight, it goes by pretty fast. We go through passport check.  We get our suitcases.   We check in to our next flight.  We go through security.  We take a tram to the very farthest gate and now have about one hour to get a snack, or whatever.

Sunset in Newark .. 

Then HOME 

What a great trip. 

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