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Sunday, October 23, 2016

an old saying?

Here goes...

              Grab a Wing Chicken 
Have you heard that before?
Did your Mom say that to you?
Did my Mother coin that expression?

Maybe you can help....
by leaving a comment   :)  

Well, let's start at the beginning...

Last month I was asked to speak at a mini Women's retreat.  As you can imagine I was very surprised and ready to say no. But, decided to give it some thought, and prayer. Afterall,
 I have been reading / hearing the Bible for all my 71 years and
attended Bible study at least once a week all my life
 been a small group leader for 14 years and
 shared at devotions several years. 
 I should have something to say. 
  I am more comfortable writing.  There is that advantage of correcting mistakes before they are seen or heard. And no one knows if you are in your nighty or your Sunday best.    
All that to say, I said yes. Ten minutes maybe 15.

Then we were off on a vacation with our daughter and family and one evening we were out walking and my daughter held out her elbow and said
            "grab a wing chicken"
Since my mother did not drive, we often rode the bus.   Sometimes it would be dark  when we got off and Mother would say "grab a wing chicken" and my sister and I would each grab an elbow and snuggle a bit for the walk home. 

That got the memories flowing.  What are the things I remember learning from my mother ? 
And more importantly, what will my children and grandchildren remember about me?

1 comment:

Donna Baden said...

I love that saying! What a sweet memory to pass on. 🤗