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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

finale - page two

If I understood this blog business, I could have put it all together.....
            but now for page two of Surf Side.

Friday is prime rib night and also the night when local musicians might gather  and do some singing.
And they did.
After a fantastic dinner (  fish,fresh today,  and Prime rib ) and then some home made ice cream sandwiches, the music began.

Prime Rib  night

Home made ice cream sandwiches 

Hookipalani   - 
I do not want to forget his name ! 

One of the locals came around and chatted. Very friendly.  When he found out that we were from Washington he said that he had been to Walla Walla, for a wedding,just a few months ago.   He said the groom was from a family of 10 kids. Our friend  smiled and said, that sounds like a family I know.
Our new friend, Hookipalani,  pulled out his phone for details and
Yes, it was the very family.

And this is the story.  A young woman from Walla Walla won a trip to Maui. She asked her boyfriend if he would like to meet her there.   Boyfriend thought, "this sounds like a perfect place to propose ".   And so, on that night, Boyfriend spotted Mr. H who operates a little boating company. He asked him if he would take pictures of the event. And he did. The evening progressed and the friendship grew and in just a short time, Mr. H was invited to their upcoming wedding.   He accepted the invitation and attended the wedding and even sang at the reception.  
And now, he is singing for us. 

First dinner

Then the music 

She danced to the music, but my video will not copy 

The Song book and our old friend  :)  

The main man...with our little man

Well, it's a small world,
 also providence, that we would be there that night and have a conversation  with that man.

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