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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Through a glass darkly

Sometimes I forget  ( well most of the time, to tell the truth )
       That she is young enough to be my daughter.
She has words of wisdom  ( like a mother might give )
        But in her own style
Like, last night

She said she has glasses, but she prefers not to wear them
       She can see to drive and she can see to read ( with arm stretched out )
She prefers not to see dust, wrinkles, pimples,  garments that don't match or fit perfectly.

You get the picture?   She wants to see what is important. She looks beyond  and within.

I like that.    I need that.    I want to remember that.

There is a verse that says....Now we see, through a glass darkly, but then fact to fact.
The truth is, even if we think we can see  and know someone,  there are so many things
      that we not visible and take time and energy and prayer to realize.  Even then we might have to              wait until heaven to know for sure.

I would LOVE   ( not guessings about that )  to hear what YOU are thinking.
Especially my octogenarian friend Marti.
Or a young reader ( I know you are out there )

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