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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The First time is always the hardest

and this was sort of a first time

sort of because, I had made many visits to the Mission Rehab Facility last summer.    Visits with my neighbor friend, late at night. We talked about when she was growing up in Scotland and when she met her hubby and lots of memories.   Those were special nights for me, learning more about my friend, and special nights for her because the nights were long. She has no family in the US.

So, the visit to Mission Rehab today, was a first because the patient was another friend.   His wife has been a customer for about 5 years and when I come to their house, he always joins in the conversation. So, now we are friends.    

But when someone is in great pain, someone you care about, it is not easy to make visits and conversation is hard.

I decided to tell his wife that if there was an empty spot in the parking lot, I would pay him a visit.   She said the parking lot is always full. She often waits until late evening when the lot is 1/2 empty.    Well, I said " I will pray for a parking spot and if there is one for me, I will go in."

Three empty spots.

I went inside, signed in, and headed up to his room.    He is almost blind, so I asked him if he recognized my voice and " I have some chocolates for you"      

He smiled and said  " Your voice sounds like Avon "

I did not stay long.  He is very tired and the future is too hard for him to think about.   Along with his blindness, he has had heart troubles and now,  he has lost part of his left leg.  

Hard to know what to say.  He told me a friend came earlier and prayed for him.   
Good to know he has other friends who know where the best support comes from.  

Praying tonight
And you can pray too. 

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