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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cowboy Bill

We were talking about "old times" and someone mentioned Cowboy Bill

I googled, asked around, checked BTP and then

          good ole Facebook.

Found out there is a poem and a tract.

Here comes the poem  ( I might have copied a word or two wrong, so correct me if you catch a mistake )

Bill’s Hitchin ‘ Post

Put the horses  out to pasture
  Given em oats and hay
Done for me the last big roundup
   Lord, I’m home to stay
Loose the cinches on my saddle,
  better seats up there
Hang my Stetson on a fence post
   Never rains, but fair,

Hang the buckets by the pump house
    Sweeter drink up there:
Never bitter, never sorrow
  Take my fill for e’er.

But no kindlin’ for the cook stove,
  No flap jacks for me now”
Better far the bread of heaven
   spread  before my soul.

Set no brandin’ irons a blazin’
   All my spread’s above
Grubstake from the chiefest foreman
   and the Father’s love

Nail me up no lucky horseshoe,
    There’s better tack around
All things work together for me,
   Now the Lord I’ve found.

Blow the lantern in the bunkhouse
   Never night up there,
Never cloud and never shadow,
   High noon all the years,

Take my hand, a broken cowboy
   Gone his last to roam;
Walk me down the path a parcel
   Lord, I’M comin home.

Bill Blann     September 1984
Oregon Cowboy  1890-1984
By C David Lunden 

So now you have read the poem ( thank you Jennifer for making a copy for me )

          Next is the tract that was written about Cowboy Bill  and I have two copies
                            The first person to respond, by email, on comment below

                                             or phone call.......gets the extra copy !!

Thank you Beth for sending me  copies of the tract.   

 What a great story . 

 And what a great writer, your sweet Mom

Final verse on the tract:
   Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."
Romans 10:13 


Unknown said...

You can send the tract to someone else. Dorothy Weeks is helping me clean up my bookshelf. I am hoping to start downsizing.

justbenme said...

Bless your heart Lisette...I hardly ever get comments ! I know each time a post is viewed, but not who the viewer is...unless they leave a message !
Wanda asked for the tract to send to Mary Ann Billings. She was a neighbor to Cowboy Bill and is not on social media.
OH, I am trying to downsize too. But books? hard to give up cookbooks. And Darrell will not let me touch any ministry books.
Enough !
Sleep tight,
October 12
Proverbs 12:5 The thoughts of the righteous are right
( that is right )