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Friday, October 21, 2016

and the 4 year old said...

little man had been looking forward to lunch at McDonalds
                 1. his mommy does not take him there and they have treats
                 2. grammy was having a luncheon and needed the boys out of the  house

So Grampy came and picked up little man  and Grammy at Bible Study, took Grammy home and then headed down  the street.   It is is just a short drive, though there is always some road construction going on .  They headed west on Northup way and pulled into the Burg.   The server came to the window and Grampy  told her  " we have this coupon"   and she said " that is for McDonald's".

As they drove away Grampy asked little man why he did not tell him he was going to the wrong place.

"Well, you were so focused on your driving I didn't want to tell you "

out of the mouths of babes ( Psalm 8:2 )

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