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Monday, October 3, 2016

OK, Life is not perfect

Life is not perfect, even in Hawaii 

Tomorrow is another day, but last night well it was a night
Most days do end with nights, and this day ended with a surprise

You see  you look forward to food ,
good food
even special food, when you are on vacation

So, we checked out the menu of this place we were going to and 

desserts... bananas foster! Wow! 

That would be worth a small appetizer and save room for a flaming dessert.
 We are on vacation let's celebrate.
(daughter describes a Bananas Foster that she had at the Metropolitan Grill. She said it was amazing and she is not fond of bananas )

Cream potato soup was served very nice and tasted great.

Found out all the desserts would be coming together. soon

The men were served their bread pudding and ice cream sundae
Then came mine.
My camera was ready and

a dish of ice cream?

with some cooked bananas , nuts and syrup?

I sat for a minute or two
Surely they would come back with the fire.
He came back with spoons,
many spoons.

I said " it is not flaming?"
No, he said, that is not permitted.
No flames allowed.
No apology.

Daughter said  "Mom, get over it "
I leaned over and whispered " I am not fond of cooked bananas"
Daughter : could not handle that...the laughter exploded.

 Little man and daughter have been  playing a magic game
Put a napkin over a crayon and take away the crayon

Grampy  and Dad decide  to get in the act.
Hold the napkin up and Grampy disappears


Under the table, growling, and popping up on the other side.

Only daughter notices the other guests who are also noticing and
thankful it is time to make our exit.

she is not sure whether to laugh or cry, but the laughter wins

If you are not laughing yet, it is ok
sometimes you just have to be there.

On the other hand, 
it might be a little too exciting to dine with our family.

So that was the day that started with Grammy trying to walk through a glass door
 ( but I don't want to talk about it )

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