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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Once a year

If I was taking a vote, I am sure the top picture would win, for best outfits of the century!
One took hours of Grampy in the  shop  and Mom on line, etc. 
 The other took a trip to the closet and out for KFC dinner.   

But that was three years ago, maybe four  and this year that little mouse  helped me get ready for the group that comes to my door.    We can count on 100 to 150 guests.   

He did not eat a single piece.  He busied himself by finding all the taffy in green wrappers, pink wrappers, yellow wrappers and blue wrappers.  I usually put a couple in each bag, but little man was so serious with his task, I did not want to disturb him.   So I put at least 5 wrapped candies in each bag ....

and one  gospel tract.  This is my favorite. A true story by my friend Berwick Hyland 

With 106 treat bags ready, the evening begins. 

Yes, I am smiling, with my hot cider, but the thought of missing out on  treating my own grandchildren , just about made me cry.   Through the years I have always had special bags for the little people in the neighborhood that I know.   also, I take pictures and post them on the door ( not the internet ) .   It is fun to hear their voices before ringing the doorbell..."Oh, that is me"..."Look at that one".     BUT, the main treat, is knowing that each child is taking home the Good News, in an easy to read booklet.  As they say their greetings and thanks, I tell them to read the true story and then , as I did last night, after 103 visitors, I prayed for at least one to believe the true message !

Once a year I can share a real gift

and it is eagerly  received
And that is why I like Halloween 

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