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Friday, May 31, 2013

Life has changed

A day in a chapter of our new life
It was Saturday morning and after breakfast I thought it would do both of us good to just  “Escape”   .   
 So, I returned dishes to the neighbors who had treated us with goodies and then the car seemed to head toward the  mall.  

I had Darrell’s new phone with me, ready to be activated.  ( He had been using the phone I had given up about three years ago. Maybe more.  Damon found a cheap replacement online,  so he finally consented to “upgrading” )   Quick and easy.  Thanks Verizon.

 A little walk around the mall and discovered there was a sale going on.  Shoe sale.  This is something I know pretty well.  No flats. No platforms.  No pooinnnted toes.  Didn’t take long to find two pair that fit the right description. 

  I admit I should not go into Papyrus.  That was my first mistake.  The sign said 40% off.   My purchases will make nice gifts ( for me or you ).  

  You can get hungry shopping so I stopped at the Grill.  Courtney gave me fast service and sympathy.  Hard not to chat with the waitress  when you are alone.  She was pretty wild eyed with my story. She even brought  me a large stack of plastic bags. I did not tell her that I needed the HUGE  GARBAGE size to cover all Darrell’s leg, so he won’t get it wet in the shower .   But I did leave her a nice tip.

Time flies when you are having fun.  And I thought I better get back to home base.  Christian and Tanner came for a visit and stayed for supper.  I do not need to write about how adorable Tanner is – you should know that by now.

Our friends Matt and Ellie Sheer are leaving for Indonesia  soon and a farewell   open house  was scheduled for  this evening.  I headed to Westminster to give them my good wishes and was able to load up a plate with at least 7 different treats  for Darrell ( or me ). An amazing family, on an amazing journey 

It just happened that a wedding was  breaking up in the church.  I peeked into the reception door. So  beautiful .   So tempting.  I knew my kids would be a little embarrassed if I took my camera in for photos, especially since I was dressed very casually in rather bright yellow pants and rust colored jacket. So I just turned around and paused by a table with pictures of the bride and groom.   Also, a very cute suitcase was open, with little wedding favors inside.   I was positive my kids would be embarrassed if I gave one to myself. They will be happy to know, I was good.     While heading back out to the car, there on the ground… one of the favors !   So lonely and cute.  So I now have my own little mesh bag with a tea bag, sugar stick and tied with a pok dot ribbon to add to my collection. 

I do not like to pump gas, But I did it all by myself.   Picked out a pie to bring to lunch tomorrow and then one last stop at Bartell’s .  Tully’s coffee on sale. Home.  Many little chores waiting for me. Some things wait for you.

Goodnight to the patient

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