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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lest I forget...

We have enjoyed  entertaining and consider it a privilege

 having company.
 for a meal, overnight, even longer, we both like it.  Like it alot.

 We asked if there were any guests coming for the wedding that might need a place to stay.
   Yes.  A single man. he was a groomsman and another groomsman and  his wife.  
   They arrived in plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the Northwest . 
  The first night they were in time for dinner and a little conversation to get to know each other.
  The next morning activities started with wedding preparation, taking in some of the sights and then the rehearsal dinner.
 They stayed busy throughout their stay, sometimes in our company and sometimes on their own. 
 They eagerly helped in the kitchen and were very respectful and easy to visit with. 
 One of the fellows walked around the house and with every little detail ( decor,  picture grouping, etc )  he just said, this is fantastic.
  Seemed to be a favorite word. 
 Our greatest surprise and joy was hearing them share their love for the Lord and his Word.
One of the men was a pretty new Christian and very excited about  it. 
  He showed Darrell how to take the carburetor out of the lawn mower and then he cleaned it.
 He also cleaned up our computer ( got rid of the kind of cookies you can't enjoy with a cup of coffee ) 
  One tux got missed on the return trip to the rental shop and  the boys were on it.

We were very touched to read a card left in one of the guest rooms.
Cover: .  Mr and Mrs. Tanner. Best Host ever
inside:   To: Mr & Mrs Tanner
Thank you so much for hosting us. I had a great time in Bellevue. Mrs Tanner thank you for taking such good care of me, I feel so welcome by your warm care. Mr. Tanner you are so much fun to hang around. I love your outgoing personality and your hard working habit, and thank you for showing me around and driving me all over the place.
Please accept this as a thank you gift.  ( $100.00 )
May Our Lord bless you for the kindness and joy you have shown to others. 

I walked back into the living room to hug our new friend and tried to return the $$.   No,  he said, it is a gift.  I was hoping you would not see it until I left.

Shame on me.  I should have thought it through .  The word gift holds a meaning that is very precious. 
     With a gift, you just accept it.      You say  thank you..  Like God's gift of salvation. You just accept and say thank you.

 He had told us that he lives with his parents and has been working for some time as a carpenter.  He injured his hand, and though he had missed some work, was heading back to work soon.
When Darrell took him to the airport, he chatted a bit more with him.
 He told Darrell that when his parents moved to this country they did not have any money.  For many years they lived in an apartment, but now, he was able to provide a house for the family.   Darrell asked if his parents paid rent.
Of course not.he said.  Not after all his parents have done for him.
Shame on Darrell.  Not to see the  respect  he has for his family and the devotion  that comes with it.

It   has been a few weeks now and I am still touched greatly by the example that our guests showed.
Life flies by. I want to take advantage of every opportunity to follow their example 

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