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Thursday, May 2, 2013

It is now Day Four - Monday.  We leave Eureka and the sun is shining
                         before we get out of town we visit the local auto dealer
The hours for the carousel are 12:00 to 4:00 and it is free.  But it is 10:00 so I am content with a photo.

The   Red Wood Forrest..

Yes,, there are huge trees.  Hundreds.  Tall trees and blue sky.
We go into the city to spend the night in Santa Rosa.   It is Monday night and most of the shops are closed.   But we find a nice little place to eat.

The food sort of made up for the loss of shopping time, but not for the accommodations we found.
It was called America's Best Value. that should have told us a little something.
Like no cozy lobby to gather when the guys go to bed. Well, there is a little bench and permission to stay until 10:00. No TV, but we can hear the managers TV behind the locked door. Then there are two coffee makers. But they are empty. No, they do not have coffee at night.  and no coffee pot in our room.
Never, ever have we staying in a room without a coffee pot.
But, my dear husband worked hard to find a nice place not too far from San Francisco and there are clean sheet on the bed and two bars of soap.

The little breakfast bar. The little buns. The little bench.

So far I have written post cards to all my BSF ladies. Here is the truth.
On many trips I have purchased post cards and then i carry them home and never send them.  So this time, I brought the post cards with me and even though most of them were from places we are not going on this trip, they are pretty. And I tell the ladies the truth, they are old cards with new message: thinking of you.

P.S.   one more thing.  Barb and I decided to make the most of the little bench in the little office. As I said we could hear the TV from the adjoining managers apartment. WELL, we can hear a few other things. They must have had a big spicy dinner. Need  I say more.  Barb says when we go back to our room we should pass in front of the motion detector a few times, just to say goodnight.

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