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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Darrell's Journey - starting May 17, 2013

Friday morning:  Our house guests had breakfast and were on their way to the conference in Kirkland    
 Darrell had gone to help a neighbor and I was icing my back on the sofa  ( re-injured
 Then the phone  rang, and it was Darrell
Wednesday )
“Hi,  I am in the Emergency room, I cut  my leg with the chain saw, and it’s pretty bad. 
(interpretation: very bad )
They have examined the injury and are waiting for the x-ray results.   I will give you a call when you can come and pick me up”
I asked him where  his pick up was.  Oh, he drove himself.  Only two miles, drove slow in case he fainted.
( interpretation: a miracle.  Stick shift, leg wrapped in dirty towel, very little blood loss.
We exchange a few phone calls.  I try to call all the kids except Anita  who has just left for Europe on a business/pleasure trip.  We will wait to tell her until Dad is home.

My friend Elaine arrives to take me and my salad to have lunch with friends in Seattle.  Elaine does not know how to get there. Tiffany says stay home.  Darrell says go.  Dale  to the rescue. He is in Bellevue and  heads over to Overlake to be with Darrell.
(interpretation:  another miracle of God’s timing.
So  I obey my husband and go to lunch, promising that we would all pray for the patient.
Darrell chats with Dale long enough to  get  Dale  enlisted in  picking up some  “work for Darrell to keep him busy while recuperating “
(Interpretation:  Darrell is not quite ready to  slow down and clear off his calendar.
On the way to Seattle, I get the call. Surgery at 6:30.
Wonderful luncheon. Yes, we prayed for the patient
Home for a massage.  Thank you Kristine, yes you hurt me, but I needed that.
Hospital pre op room –Tiffany and Sebastian have arrived with Damon
 Whole Foods dinner while we wait

         Dr. Nathe has reconnected   the MCL and  3 hamstring tendons. The severed nerve  was left alone. A small chip in the bone will heal itself. Countless stitches in the leg ( 5.5 inch  long gash ) and  then closing the skin . It is all wrapped up and in a long brace – keeping the leg straight for 6 weeks.  SIX WEEKS!
  10:00 Patient is back in his room.  Roger, Barb and Damon and me ,  we say our goodbyes. Nurses like                to visit every 30 minutes all night long. He is in good hands.  
   Our house guests are taking care of themselves and us.There  is nothing like the comfort of
         old friends. Good old friends
( Interpretation: miracle of God’s timing
                             Good night to a long day.

The flowers I bought at Trader Joe's for him and me . A long 6 weeks ahead.

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