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Thursday, May 2, 2013

We leave our Seaside motel which is not your typical "comfort inn".

You might notice that the  NO is blocked with a piece of cardboard, but the "office" closes at 9:00 and there is no welcome mat for visitors.    You might notice the table with set with a full ashtray and fading flowers.       There is no  breakfast so we head into town.

The place to stop is Pig and Pancake.   and you can see why. Very yummy. And right across the street is the local carousel.  Once again, I take a ride on a white horse. 

After Seaside it is Tillamook. 
      and the line is long for ice cream cones.  Many flavors. Very good.
               Just pausing for a few laughs before we are off to Coos Bay
 Super good salad
               super good desserts
                     Super good service in a newly painted Italian Restaurant Benetti's
Tonight we stay in a very pleasant motel with a welcoming lobby. TV. computer and eager to help staff.          There is plenty of room for a project  and asked Rose if she had a pair of scissors I could borrow.    She came right out to make sure we were not cutting the pillows ( for real )
I assured her I was trimming photos of my grandchildren and I immediately introduced her to them. She them informed us that she did not have any grandkids .Just one son who was not married but had a girlfriend for 6 years and then they broke up but he only missed the daughter of his girlfriend because it was a bad relationship.   ( there was more, but enough is enough )
It is almost midnight, but we are just getting to the good part of a fun movie ( we missed the title, so we can't share that part )  There are so many ads, but we wanted to see the  end. By the final scenes we were laughing  so hard       1,  we had tears coming down our cheeks
                                                 2.  Rose at the front desk woke up and was on hand to say good night.
It is now one in the morning and Barb and I want to take advantage of the "spa bath". We are not sure what time the light went out, but we slept good.
This is the end of Day Two.

At this point I am not able to use the keyboard on my Ipad  ( I think when I get home I will take a course in ipad 101 ).
Did I say it was raining?  It is pouring.
The only complaint is from Roger
He was complaining about the shampoo.  Barb asked why?   "because it made my hair so slippery, it slipped right off the pillow "    Yes, his hair that is 1/16 inch long.  What a bother.
He is serious but we are all laughing  by now.
 Treasures:  candy, mug, place mats, surprise for Damon.

We are off to Myrtle wood forest  and
   elk.   Lots of elk, but they are all resting.
      and now we are on the road to Eureka
                             Dinner with our good friends Tim and Doreen and Haley
                         and Tim and Reada.    Very happy to get acquainted with this young family.
She is a pampered Chef Manager and shared some of her goodies with us
    AND  - figured out why my ipad  keyboard was not working.  Fixed !
Tonight is another good motel with a friendly guy in the lobby. We can stay until 11:00.  

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