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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Very special day, in more ways than one/ Day 6

The Presentation
 The menu
                                                        Voila ! The most delicious dessert so far
The upstairs at " Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen"

added as we leave, the outside seating.  Beautiful day!

We are on an interesting road that leads to a "thrilling" adventure . The highway to Cousin Elfrieda's is pretty scary. When we left "Cindy's" we had 20 miles to go. It took about an hour and a half.

 We are happily greeted by Cousin Elfrieda King. Her mother and Darrell's dad are 1st cousins.

We head down the path to her mobile home where she has lived for many years.

We continue down a path on this 80 acre estate along a river.  At the end of the path is a meadow and a chapel where we are each given a small New Testament and sing her quest book.

Cousin Elfrieda tells us a little of her story:  When she was 17, the lady across the street died, leaving her husband and a small child. within two weeks, the husband asked her out on a date. Before she turns 18 they are married and live happily ever after....for 69 years. He passed away last year.

Their only son died of a brain tumor. they also have a daughter and she is in very poor health, but lives close, along with her husband.   There are two grandchildren and they live close too.

A beautiful area, but we cannot stay forever.
                                     Now if I only knew why these pictures are at the bottom, when they should be at the top of this page.   But, I am too lazy to redo this. 
                                                          You get the picture!

We leave Mill Valley and stop at an amazing park.
The highlights are many, but will post a few

   One of our favorite...jewels handing from the branches and catching the sunlight.
Clear lake, lily pads and blue skies  

           Making a wish....

After a long walk it is time for a little rest...I mean a BIG rest !

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