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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Big Warf

Did I mention that we got ice cream at the same place we got ice cream in Maui
                                                   Yes, this is Lamperts
                                                          just leaving Sausalito
                                                  One more ice cream cone. But this one is  free,
                                          all day they are giving away Ben and Jerry's ice cream
                                                Things you might never see at home
                                                 People you would like to see at home
                                                   with food you would like to see at home
                                               Seafood and much much more
A brief encounter with Steve and Mimi

                                             And this ends a very long and special day.
At a motel with two balconies, TV, microwave, frig, desk 4 chairs and yes two big beds. 

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