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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

You  know the day will be special when

your daughter calls to say preschool is closed due to the snowy weather

Great, bring little man to our house

So she did

He knows where to find breakfast and he has his own favorite spot

There is work to do today

First, remove all the napkin rings
( Bel, there are some from Grant, Merry Merry, and You and Sam... special memories from special friends ) 

Then dust the window sil  

He calls himself...the organizer   

Organizer at work

then it is time for a break and lunch

We bundled up, still in our pj's

( who would know, His are so cute, and  Grammy chose sweats, but that is another story )

Our first stop is Trader Joe's
He found the lion and
picked a treat
Choices: tangerine, sucker,  sticker
and he chose...
I am sure you guessed right

Then to McDonalds
Kid meal and McFlurry
nap time
We were wondering if Grampy would be home
and Grammy was glad he was because little man said...
"Grampy is the only one who helps me go to sleep, he sings and rocks the bed and tells me stories "
And he did

and we all took a nap

without warning
the power went out


We are ready on the stairs
Ready with radio and more "lights"

Then Mommy came and we said goodbye
Went to Nick's for dinner
not much you can do without electricity
See you tomorrow

Ok. power came on at 11:30
The things that show up when the lights come back on.
But that is another story.

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