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Monday, February 20, 2017

Day Three

Start of the day together

His favorite spot 
Now for the mystery..... looking from left to right, in the mirror,
Christian, Nita, Christian, Darrell Kathy
Wait?  two Christians?
We think it is his younger twin. 

first comes breakfast

Then we go to Epcot and little man and parents go shopping.

The small picture then

the bigger picture....

A Mural that will stay in the park
Sponsored by Glidden Paints
We all painted some squares

And Another picture

This is the Norway house
plus they make delicious almond pretzels 

His favorite, Brats  and kraut 

Caught in the act....Drinking COKE !

Then off to something more exciting  

Dinner at our favorite French place.

Entertainment ...could not download the video.  But believe, me, it was entertaining.

A very spectacular display
just before I snapped the photo
but, you get the idea

Leaving the park  after dark 

Ok. this is when I ask myself
1. Should I have used my real camera?
2. Is this a shot for someone more talented?
3. neither of the above
4. both


Kind of late... better not to think about that now....

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