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Friday, February 17, 2017

He comes on Thursday

every Thursday

this Thursday he came with his own back pack
    He had organized it himself
      ( like mother like son )
    Extra socks, hat, clean shirt, granola bar

His Bible. 

Yes, we were going to go to Bible Study together, so he was very prepared.

He came in the house, unloaded his gear, went right into the living room and
prepared a "tea party" for Grammy and Grampy and then relaxed with the newspaper

a better view....

nuts, cups and little red radio 

After Bible study we made our usual stop at McDonald's  ( don't tell mom )  
Home for a nap  ( only Grampy can help him get to sleep, he says - rocks the bed, sings, tells a story )

Then up and eager to play.   Hiding beanie babies,  car races,  some drawing...  He is very good at entertaining himself.   

Snack - Shared Grampy's valentine cookie, 

But he said..

I like Zena's best  ( they are scottish shortbread, and I like them best too )  better take a photo....oops too late, they are gone. 

The end to a special day.  The best part was in his backpack and also in his heart !      
His favorite story? Noah ! 

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