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Monday, February 20, 2017

Day Four & Five

It is Monday and we all go to Epcot together

Meeting Elsa and Anna  were very import to little man


I recognize the guy in the back

Fountain in France
Part of the Nation's side of the park 

Not sure why I took this, but it is pretty 

I know why I took this,  it was delicious
Funnel cake ala mode 

I think we have had enough fun ,  There is so much more, but this is just part of the memory 
time to go home 
Tuesday we are back at the Magic Kingdom  and those favorite rides  like...the merry go round for me,
and Splash Mountain ( four times for little man )
         Thunder Railroad ( twice )
              People Mover  ( ok, just the grand parents )
                 Buzz Light Years  ( at least twice )

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