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Monday, February 20, 2017

Last day

This is the first day the weather has been warm enough to take off my third layer.
The sun was beautiful and the temperature got up to around 70.

Getting in the mood 


Now for the real animals on the Safari Ride.  This is a s close as I will ever get 
and close is the real thing  

Other, better photos, but you will have to ask if you want  to see them

Flights of Wonder
a great live show

Hard to capture the amazing things that birds can do
little man loved it all.

and then 

Another ride for "Kids" 

This was the HIGH light of the day
Of the trip
In the skies over 

 the Animal Kingdom
Walt Disney World 

But  now 

Time to head back to the hotel

to catch a flight

look who wants to come along

It was a great vacation 

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