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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Party Number Two

Our second tradition for the holidays is our Christmas Eve dinner.
    This is when we invite friends who do not have family close by
          and this year we invited our new friends, 
                       Roman, Anna and Danylo.

How did I happen to neglect taking pictures?
    Well, we were enjoying the moments. Every moment and not jumping up to get my camera or phone to capture it digitally.  
 And I am sure I will always remember tonight

Stuffed flank steak
sausage dressing
cranberry sauce
roasted brussel sprouts
grilled beans
tossed green salad
deviled eggs
dill bread
Sparkling cider

Pecan pie

Kiev Cake
Ice Cream

A little too much ? ( I don't want to talk about it )

Our guests also remembered that hubby had a birthday just a day before and brought treats, also from Kiev. 

upside down, but you get the idea.
and since we are not going to share them, this all you get

They also brought Christmas gifts for everyone and the Kiev Cake
This is a beautiful and delicious, melt in your mouth delight .

20130812-dessert-profile-kyiv-cake.jpgThis is what it looks like and it tastes as good as it looks 

We played a few games
Some word memory games
laughed and visited

We had a night to remember 

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