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Thursday, December 1, 2016

it has been a long day

feels like a very long day..

it started at about 2:00 in the morning with a headache. A very painful headache.
So for a few hours I prayed, took my Tylenol, tossed and turned and then dozed off
About 7:00 I could say that the real pain was gone
but some discomfort had moved to my stomach.
About 7:30 little man arrived.  He loves Bible Study and that is where we go on Thursday mornings.
If it had not been for little man, I would have stayed home, but off we went at 7:55.

Little man marched into class
I meandered upstairs and spent some time chatting with the staff ( my old friends).
The youngest and perkiest staff person, OK, her name is Richelle, she took me over to the Atrium and made me some tea.
Sat there until time for the lecture, then moved up to the balcony ( to avoid sharing any germs)

Quite a view from up there. That was where I spotted Martha in her red jacket. I waved to her, but since she did not wave back, I have to assume she did not see me.  That is the only person I recognized from the balcony.

End of lecture.  By now, I feel like I have fully recovered, except a little tired.

 Took the elevator down to the lowest level. Picked up my little man and we went home.
Took a nice long nap. So did little man.

Started to pull out those December decorations.

Just the tree and a few stuffies so far.

Little man will help again next Thursday.

Lazy evening.

Words with friends  ( ugh  playing with 6 friends. I lead in one game  )


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