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Friday, December 2, 2016


Dinner at a favorite spot
    Celebrating our 45 th wedding anniversary
         with favorite dessert 

If you can name the place, I will treat you to lunch there !


Janet said...


justbenme said...

Bless your heart Janet - You posted a comment ! I would love to treat you to lunch at Chaps, BUT, it was not Chaps. However, just for being so sweet and responding, I will be pleased to treat you to lunch, anytime you come to Bellevue ! Yes, anytime ! And Marti too! That would be so fun !
( now I am not sure how to make sure you see this --- I'll have to make sure. :)
BTW, the family ( at least some of us ) hope to come to Spokane, walk around the farm, and visit Chaps. Darrell has met Celeste, and the rest of us would like to meet her too.