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Monday, December 5, 2016

Getting into the spirit

Starting off the holiday season 

I'll just say, this is the first and last time I pay $6.53 for a small latte
ok. it was presented well
the foam was superior

This might explain 

but it was the best place to meet our friends before
Jul Fest
58th Annual Swedish Advent service

1st Covenant is beautiful 

Lead violinist plays through entire program without music
( daughter in law of our friends ) 

There was a moment when I was distracted
Much of the singing was in Swedish
But a few lines in English 

Just a glimpse of the pageantry
real candles
Lucia wears a crown on her head
the rest carry their candles

I was also distracted by the family in front of us. The father held one
and sometimes two daughters on his lap. He was so natural in his
movements. Like he was very used to hugging his girls. It was
the example I wish I could say I grew up with, but at least
I can vouch for our next generation. 

The Swedish always have coffee
good coffee
and treats
They are close cousins to us Norwegians

My friend looks so cute in her hat 

me, Bonnie, Joanie 

Parting scene

(neglected to get a picture of Bob & Alice
she is  the one in the cute hat )

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