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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Party Number one. PS

Yes, there is a P.S.

You see,  the following morning, we heard the rest of the story.

Tiffany, Sebastian and Damon came down the elevator together and Tiffany went to get the car. Sebastian stayed with Uncle Damon, just outside Horizon House.
Tiffany came around with the car and she and Damon made exchanges of packages ( Christmas tomorrow ).
Suddenly, Sebastian is nowhere to be seen.
There is searching outside and inside and still no Sebastian  He is 5 years old.
Family in the car across the street, waiting for Damon, saw Sebastian go inside.
Tiffany thinks that maybe he has gone back to the elevator
She hurries to make the trip up...19 floors where the party had been going on.
Sure enough, there was Sebastian  " You said we forgot Uncle Roger and Auntie Bobbie, so I went up to get them", he says.

Lots of emotion..... you can only imagine....and I will let you !

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