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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A big day

yes, another big day.

Mainly preparation for a really big day, but  still, a big day

The really big day is tomorrow, when my friends come and help me trim my Christmas tree.

The tree is up.  And that is just about all so far.

But  when they come I have a pretty table, party favors and food !

Today  started with snow. So hubby took me to Trader Joe's for last minute fresh things
            ( quick stop at the bank )
     Then to Bartell's for meds
            ( I have that feeling in my head like you get on the plane, but I have not been on a plane)
         Then the market for the rest of the list
              (  ok, and a few things not on the list, but all good bargains)

Back home and what do you know?  It is almost time for lunch.  So along with lunch I take that medication for my head issue.  

You probably know that I take a little power nap most days, around 1 or 1:30.  Usually for 10 minutes or 20.  That is all I need and then I am ready to go again.

But you know what?  That medication for my head, well it did what the label said. Made me drowsy. That is putting it mildly.  The truth is, I usually have the opposite reaction, so I was not concerned or even thinking about it until about 3:15   when  I woke up !!!

Then I jumped into action.  Got more laundry going, food prep for tonight and tomorrow and back to the computer for things hubby needs ( he does not know how to turn on the computer, I do not know how to start the lawn mower ). 
 Busy, Busy.  And just when I thought I was in control of this three ring circus,   I spotted a young neighbor girl coming down our path.  
I called to hubby to get the door. He did not hear ( He has that problem ).  I could see her throwing her arms in the air and saying something.  So I ran to the door.

I do not remember  her name, ( that happens often ) but I know her pretty well. A very active little gal and not shy and well, dramatic . She said she was freaked out because she got home and there was no car in the driveway and no one answered the door and she left her phone at home so she could not call anyone. She is in middle school.  

So, she made a few calls and was waiting to be picked up. "Oh, I smell bacon, I love bacon, I have not had bacon in a long time"  ( I am cooking bacon for my company )  She accepted a glass of milk and busied herself reading my frig posts , out loud.  

Hubby came into the kitchen and got a knife out of the drawer and was  about  to  start slicing two loaves of bread     ( from Trader Joe's ) for the freezer.  He looked at me and I did not say a word, but then he asked  " Would this be a bad time?".   Yes, I told him, it would be.
The knife went  back ( with a little bang ).  

Pretty soon Jane, the Nanny came for her girl and solved the problem.  On Monday, she should stay at school and Nanny picks her up for sewing class.  So Nanny was waiting at the school for 45 minutes.

With many thanks, they are saying goodbye.

Just about time to pick up little man from preschool. 

and here he is

Now I am getting some help from little man.  He helps me pick out napkins

He helps to carry party favors into the dining room 

Things are looking up.

His mommy comes after a catered business dinner and has a lot of very amazing share...

tomorrow is looking better and better

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