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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Our address for a week 

so many loose ends... 

and no way to pull them all together for this week of no schedule

I did prepare for our garage sale, while I was sleeping ( it was a very vivid dream)

I had really good food, three times a day and I  only prepared one breakfast

Started the washer, maybe 3 times, folded a few clothes, and actually washed
  one complete outfit, while on the floating chair, No one will know that my soap of choice was chlorine 

  The second "dunking" , happened at a restaurant when a glass,maybe two, of ice water slipped off the servers tray onto the table and my lap.

So that is a taste of the past week at Lake Chelan.
If it sounds interesting, stay tuned 

Actually, Not sure which day will show up first,
                           but day one starts tomorrow 

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