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Monday, September 5, 2016

Day two
It started in Maui....4 years ago, 
 walking with Grampy to get the newspaper
( he calls it the menu ) 

Grampy time
Still in pj's 

After breakfast at Blueberry Hills...everyone helps to pick blueberries

Helping Dad blow up the greatest floaty 

This is the very floaty, that Grammy was on
 and she got a little wet.
It is also the floaty that someone, we do not know who,
 popped it and left it along the side of the pool 
and never said
 I am sorry
All on the first day at the pool 

Most everyone was out at the pool, but not Grampy .
Grampy likes to stay inside and read.
Suddenly there is someone at the door to fix the plumbing.
In one sentence...if Grammy had taken a bath last night,

 there would have been a leak into the closet below, Uncle Dale and Auntie Tiff's room.
For some reason, Terry  had not mentioned that to us,

So after a long episode of Columbo, Grammy did not feel like her usual tub time. 
  Good thing

Legos...thank you Auntie  
Each boy got his own kit to put together.

Pretty cute restaurant 

Who would guess that a few minutes later, our very cute server would bring a tray of  ice water and
two glasses slipped off the tray
onto the table
then onto Grammy's lap

and then
a little later

It is called grilled s'mores 

Always fun times with my little men 

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