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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bumble Bees

You are very welcome
Please come in 

It all started with this apron and a very cute mug
All in a gift from my cousin
She knows I like to have a theme for my parties so she sent me some inspiration
(thank you Lynn )

then came the doormat
( the boot by the window has a small bee, in case you did not notice )

Then came the cookie jar,
tea towel party favors
napkins, etc. 

Dutch Babies, main entree

This grape pie was Anna's masterpiece 

Yes, the bees are edible and the carrot cake 

I hope you can hear this little man sing all about
a little bumble bee 

This little bumble bee was provided by my little  T - man.  He was at a party last week,  and when the pinata opened, out came candy and little bumble bee erasers.  He knew grammy was planning a bumble bee party, so he scrambled about
and collected a huge handful for the party.  

( things that make grandma's smile ) 

There is a little secret, and I haven't told anyone........


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