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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Aloha part two

that means hello and goodbye.
and for two weeks we said that many times
My expectations were simply to be with my family and get to know them better
and I did
Little man loves the water.   He never  seemed to tire of just playing in the surf with his Mama.
And I never tired watching.  The two of them laughing and swimming and laughing and get the picture.

We did enjoy a lot of good food. My favorites.. coconut shrimp, crab cakes, mud pie.

 Then there were the almost nightly trips to Maui Gelato.  The shop is closed on Sundays. I asked one of the owners if they went to church on Sunday. Well, we used to.
Then on Sunday, we saw one of the employees at Carolee's  church !  Chatted and now we are praying that the sisters will remember the best thing to do on Sunday.

This is Marlo. She and her sister Shannon are the owners 

Marlo and our little man became good friends 

So along with food and beach time, we  made some other great memories
The first has to be... little man on a paddle board with our friend Dave ( Sunday School friend to my kids )   In the process of getting the board and paddle ready ( and managing the shop )  Dave came out ready to roll and little man was without a life jacket.   But that was unobserved until they were out to sea...  out to see turtles and what an experience for a 4 year old little guy.  He got off the board and swam with the turtles ( unaware that he was in 30 foot ocean depth.   He had a great time and I have to believe that in the years to come he will say " was I really that brave?"
Later in the week the two ( Dave and little man ) did some evening surfing. Little man was on his own for a couple rides.

Another great memory was connecting with Carolee.  Our families have been good friends for years, 
especially her Mom. She was a very dear friend of mine.
Carolee took us to her church on Sunday.  It was a very special time.

Then there was the final Friday night.  Surf Side Cafe.

That is coming.  a very special night.

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