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Monday, September 12, 2016

Sunday School Reunion

Hi Marti,
     Wish you had been there 

Sunday School reunion 
Who knew it would be so good.

The planners:

These girls, and our Sharon 

The Decor:

Fan , kettle and collection box from days gone by 


Well this was the grand finale,
and dixie cups 

The people ...60 years and older, attended Spokane Sunday School with their parents growing up 

A better picture should be available
 if I can figure out how to download.

The Memories:

Squeaky chairs, and when the weather was hot, they would stick to your shirt

Favorite teacher who made everyone feel like he/ she was his favorite

Good little rolls from Wonder Bread

Quick trips to the corner variety store for candy

Many great stories, and we think they were all true.

A Great time was had by all

From that little Sunday School, long ago, some are still attending,  some are going elsewhere, and some don't go anywhere on Sunday.  But everyone loves the Lord and has a bond that is hard to explain.
It is kind of like glue,  you can't get away from it. 

Lest we forget 

 those who have gone before

Feel free to add memories 

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