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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to
                           Oven Repair....

The repair man came
 He was a nice enough guy.  Must have had a nice grandma because somehow he got to the subject of carrot cake. He has the best recipe, from his grandma.

He also told me that my oven was accurate at 300° but not at 350 °.     200, 400 300 fine.
 But not 350 °

His grandma made the best scones. OH, I said I might like the recipe. Sorry, Grandma is gone – no offer for the recipe.

While standing in my very happy kitchen with red this and that, he said his wife liked red, but he did not like red. It is too bright.
Why did I tell him I have a red car?  So he could tell me that while he was a policeman in California, red cars got more tickets.

He  called a couple places to find parts and the grand total $ 545. Plus tax. I don’t know if that included installation.  I do know, I can live with an oven that is slightly off in the 350 ° zone. 
 At least for a while.  

Of course, his grandma told him that he should always bake chicken at 300 ° because it will be more moist.   And he also told me a few tips on baking carrot cake. 
 He did NOT know that I, Kathy, have the best recipe for carrot cake  from my friend Jeannette Adamson.   I also have several friends who bake great scones.

So, I have an oven that is a little off ( like me ) and here I am in my studio thinking I should have a little more red in this bright, happy, pink and green room. 

For some reason I am hungry.  Think I will have myself a slice of carrot cake ( just happen to know which shelf it is on in the freezer )

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