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Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Day

I have never blogged in the morning.
          but, it is my Birthday and I can do what I want to.
     So, I decided I could treat myself to 1/2 of a coconut cupcake. 
 So I head outside.  No one seemed to notice.  The man I live with was reading the paper and did not hear me go outside three times. 
 First. to check the temperature
 Second to bring my "breakfast" out.
 Third time I was carrying a little devoltional book.

just a note: I am sure most women know where all the family members are at any given time.  The phone rings for your son, you know he is outside shooting baskets. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded and you know where your kitchen helper of the week is hiding.  Neighbors come to play and you know exactly where to send them.    ( p.s. be glad, soon enough no one will be coming or calling because they have all grown up and flown away )

  I love to sit in the sun in the morning and read and pray and drink coffee.  And today the sun is calling me.
That  1/2 cucpcake was so good and so small, I thought it would be a good idea to eat another.  Breakfast !   There is protein in that butter I put in the cupcake and icing.

 So I have started my day talking to myself.  The man I have been living with has gone.  He cuts wood.   But I want to give him credit for having a birthday gift for me on the breakfast table. 
  A cookbook from  England.   He bought it last month when he went to England without me.  But  next year, when I have a bigger birthday he is going to take me with him. 
London.... Paris.... Zurich.                       
   I do love cookbooks. And this one is all about baking the way Mum bakes. I love it already.            
  I would add a photo, but I must get on with my day.

Happy Day to YOU ! ( or me, since I am talking to myself )
 There are still two cupcakes left over from last night..
                 It was a  Happy Birthday to Beth 

     The coffee is on,  come on over   ..........

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