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Monday, May 26, 2014

My little men

It was an early start to the day
              and a sweet one.

   doesn't take them long to start playing  .

baking time

                              We are baking a little brownie to share
                                                    Watching the brownie rise

       one seems to prefer milk and pouring milk
                                              the other prefers the brownie
                        You have to admit it is a fun tea set - 
                                        Curious George

               always a willing helper.      then it is outside we go

                               Time to help Grampy....
                                               Here we come Grampy...
                  Watching while Grampy puts nets over the fruit trees. 
                                               And here comes Uncle D
                                               Time to play with Uncle D.
                                 That ball went so landed up in the tree
               Time for a coffee break
                   real coffee and little short bread pups.
                                      How did that lid get into Mom's coffee?
  Busting some moves for Emily  and playing with Mr. Potato Head
                                              Thanks Emily.

                   Hungry again...........
                                  That calls for a trip to  
                                         The Burg   

       And now it is time to say goodbye
So, does it take 3 ( sometimes 4 ) adults to keep up with 2 little men under 4 years old?

  Maybe not,  but I am always  glad to share the joy !

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