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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A night out

 after spending the whole day inside  and not feeling hungry until about 5:00 
                it was time to go out to eat.  
   I thought  I would just do the drive up window since
          I had been coughing and blowing my nose and could hardly talk.  So I did not bother to change from my mismatched sweats. 
That was the first mistake.
I remembered that I needed to keep track of my blood pressure once a week. 
So that meant going to Bartell's.   Wouldn't you know, two of my favorite cashiers were on duty.
Oh well.  
BP was out of the normal range, so off to the DQ.
That was the second mistake.
Decided it is more interesting to go inside and watch people than to go through the drive up window.
Did not see anyone I knew
several groups - families, together, and some of them taking off for home on their bikes.
Yes, it was 77 degrees and a perfect night for being out together.

Back to Bartell's to check BP- normal !  

 Driving home, I passed a father and his daughter I had seen at the DQ.  The little girl was struggling a bit on her bike, but Dad was there for her. In no hurry.

More times together with family. 
More times without being in a hurry.  
That is what I call time well spent.

( though i am alone tonight, I just spent 4 days with family in Minneapolis - good times, good memories )

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