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Sunday, May 25, 2014

           Holiday Weekend

Feeling the urge to be patriotic, I chose  red, white and blue  colors to wear.  I didn’t have a red cardigan, so I wore a slip over sweater and headed to the mall to buy myself a red cardigan.  Practical. Matches my car and kitchen.   You would probably want to wear red for the memorial weekend too. 

Well, if you do not have a red cardigan, forget about it. 
                Red is out of season. 
 Stopped at Nordstom. Even asked for help, but no red . Period.  The color for the season is coral.   The word  has  gotten around because there were no red sweaters at Macy’s. 
J. Jill,  Talbot’s,  Banana  Republic,  or Ann Taylor. 
   I also checked out the shoes, but did not find any red shoes.  Then I remembered that I have a pair of red shoes at home. Well, I have 3 or 4 pairs of red shoes. Wait, I forgot sandals.  If you need red shoes, you can borrow a pair from me.    Then we will all look patriotic for the holiday.   

And I do have great respect for the real meaning of this holiday.  Especially, Monday, the day  we consider to be Memorial Day.

But, I also have a respect for the original Memorial Day, my birthday.  We always had my birthday off from school, May 30. And I never had to go to work on my birthday May 30.  Then I got married and I think that was when it changed.  Not my birthday, but Memorial Day. It is now always on a Monday and seldom on my birthday. 
 That was when my mother made lemon meringue pie and we went on a picnic to Lincoln Park with our cousins.  My mother did not teach me how to make lemon meringue pie,
 but I happen to know at least 4 people who can make a mean lemon meringue pie.   
Most of them are not on facebook, so there is no need to think I am hinting.   
 Why would I hint for someone to make me a lemon meringue pie for my  birthday ?   My friends John and Janet gave me one last month, and it is in the freezer.  If you come over, I will make coffee and we can celebrate together

If you still want to be patriotic, pull out your red white and blue silverware.   
You do have red white and blue silverware don’t you?

Have a happy holiday weekend. 

               Red or no red, celebrate !

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