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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Switzerland garden & The Victorian

The garden was along the railroad....

Fenced in, and locked, so we had to find a time when the family was there
and they invited us in to take pictures 
They came every morning  ( had breakfast ) and every night
Letting the chickens out, in,  watering, gathering produce, etc.



Wife, fixing dinner ? 

We admired the view, every day as walked to the train
Finally, got to go inside.
Pretty amazing

The other side of the tracks 

Our evening walks took us to the Victoria Hotel
Little  dialogue necessary  

The front yard

The front's revolving 

The staff could not name the flower 

Leads out to the green house  

Stairway to rooms
Starting at $600. per night
Breakfast and WIFI included 

The other stairway displays the gift shop options 


And they still sell Lucky Strike
(thought you's like to know )  

I always like to go around twice
and I did 

Two extremes - Two delights   

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